Flipping Houses: Turning a Wreck into a Gem

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Flipping Houses: Turning a Wreck into a Gem

Five years ago, I decided to start my own side business. Along with keeping my job as a construction worker, I decided to use my savings to purchase an older residence. The plan was to fix up the place and then sell it at a profit. It didn't take me long to figure out that while my side business would take up most of my free time, it would make me a lot of money. Today, I still flip three or four houses a year. My strategy developed through trial and error, and I've learned how to evaluate the potential of a property first, then buy second. I know what must be done in the way of exterior painting, making the place secure, and ultimately finding the right buyer. If you are thinking about trying this kind of sideline, read on. What I've learned will help you a lot.

Considerations When Choosing A Mail Service

A mail service provider is crucial in transporting parcels, letters, and postcards. The service provider can be public or private. This service requires proof of payment, usually a postage stamp. You may also use a postage meter when mailing bulky items. In most countries, the mail service handles other roles apart from communication. Still, this primary role defines all mail services. The mail service provider divides your mail into different categories. These classes have different postage prices, presort requirements, and service levels. The content of your mail determines the type of mail you pick. You can select priority express, priority, first-class, media mail, or retail ground mail. This piece discusses the criteria for choosing a mail service


The speed of delivery matters a lot. If your firm runs a retail business that delivers via mail, you need assurance that your customers get their purchases on time. Speed is also essential in delivering business communication for legal and marketing services. Similarly, you can pick a service that quickly brings you raw materials to ensure that production continues as usual. Therefore, ensure you select the service with the highest speed for the lowest price.

Tracking Option

When you post an item, workers give it an article or label number. The number of digits and format might vary depending on the service you select. This number helps track your item. The mail service should provide a website or phone number that you can use to ask where your parcel is at any moment during delivery. Keeping track of your item is essential, especially for businesses. You can keep your customers informed about the delivery time. Such knowledge also helps you make business decisions that impact your profitability. Therefore, ensure you select a mail service that conveniently enables you to track your items. 


Customer support is an essential aspect of mail services. Some of the items people ship are expensive, and others have sentimental value. Therefore, you need a mail service that is reassuring. The customer service should provide information regarding the status of your item. You can request text or email as proof of delivery, and the mail service should reply within the shortest time possible. The customer support should also follow your instructions carefully about where to leave items if there is no one at the delivery point to receive the mail. 


Several factors make a mail service safe. First, you must examine the postal service's policy regarding the shipping of hazardous items. Hazardous items range from simple household materials to sophisticated chemicals. Having a mail service with a strict policy regarding such parcels is reassuring. The second aspect of safety is about handling your goods. Your mail service always insists on proper packaging, but you also need them to ensure that they transport your item with care. Improper stacking when shipping can damage fragile items such as glassware. The company should also have the capacity to deal with temperature and atmospheric pressure changes. Mail service staff should be trustworthy; therefore the company's reputation matters a lot. 

Consider the speed, tracking options, support, and safety when selecting a mail service.