Flipping Houses: Turning a Wreck into a Gem

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Flipping Houses: Turning a Wreck into a Gem

Five years ago, I decided to start my own side business. Along with keeping my job as a construction worker, I decided to use my savings to purchase an older residence. The plan was to fix up the place and then sell it at a profit. It didn't take me long to figure out that while my side business would take up most of my free time, it would make me a lot of money. Today, I still flip three or four houses a year. My strategy developed through trial and error, and I've learned how to evaluate the potential of a property first, then buy second. I know what must be done in the way of exterior painting, making the place secure, and ultimately finding the right buyer. If you are thinking about trying this kind of sideline, read on. What I've learned will help you a lot.


4 Ways To Use Your Phone To Get Your Loved One Out Of Jail

If you want to get your loved one out of jail, you can do so just by using your phone. You don't need access to a computer, and getting your loved one out of jail doesn't have to be a complicated process.

Way #1: Look Up Inmate Information

To get your loved one out of jail, you are going to need their inmate information. You are going to need to know where they are booked and what their booking number is. You may need to know how long they have been there or if they are scheduled to be transferred to another facility.

To find that out, you can download an inmate search app. There are inmate search apps that target specific cities and states, and there are some that pull information nationally as well. Some apps are free, and others may charge a small fee for this information.

Way #2: Contact a Bail Bond Company

Second, with your phone, you can search for 24/7 bail bond companies near your location, and a list of bail companies in your area will be pulled up on your phone. You can look at the reviews and websites for the different bail bond companies in your area.

You can then choose a bail company, call them and get the process started over the phone. You don't need to go down to their offices in person to start the process.

Way #3: Complete Bail Bond Forms

Third, you can have the bail bond company that you choose to work with sending you the bail forms via a direct download line, or they can be sent to your email that you can check on your phone. Once you have the forms, you can digitally fill out and resubmit the forms if it is allowable.

You can connect your phone to a printer and print them out. You can file the forms electronically with the bail company or take a picture of the filled-out forms and email them back to the bail bond company. There are lots of options when it comes to filling out the bail bond forms and getting them back to the bail company, where you can use your phone throughout the process.

Way #4: Paying the Bail Fee

Finally, you can pay the bail bond fee with your phone. Most bail bond companies will be able to send you to an online payment portal where you can pay using a credit or debit card. You may also be able to pay the bail bond fee using various payment apps on your phone.

Securing bail for a loved one doesn't have to be complicated. You should be able to take care of the entire process by using your smartphone. You just need to know what to look up to secure your loved one's release from jail.